Tampa Bay Lightning Acquire Simon Gagne From Flyers

Simon Gagne was acquired by the Tampa Bay Lightning for Matt Walker and a fourth round pick. Suddenly, things look very bright for the Lightning.

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Steven Stamkos' Reaction To Gagne Trade (Video)

TSN has video footage of Steve Stamkos reacting to the news of the Lightning acquiring Simon Gagne yesterday.  It also contains reaction to losing his roommate, Matt Walker, in the deal.


Hat tip to BoltProspects who posted this on their Twitter account.


Mike Chen: Gagne Acquisition By Bolts A Steal (But Beware!)

Mike Chen, long time hockey blogger and head writer of SB Nation’s From the Rink, commented on the Lightning/Flyers deal from today:

A few days ago, I ran down Gagne’s injury history and labeled him with “Buyer Beware.” However, since the Lightning essentially acquired him for nothing, this is a fantastic deal for the Bolts. If he can click with Vincent Lecavalier AND stay healthy (two big ifs), then Tampa Bay has two very deadly forward lines. That whole team defense thing? Well, that’s up to the new coaching staff, but at the forwards are set.

Mike did indeed write about Gagne’s extensive history of injuries. It’s something to be strongly wary of.


Beating Philadelphia In Anything Never Gets Old

The hatred between Tampa Bay and Philadelphia spans three different sports. We closed their stadium by hoisting the NFC Championship trophy on their field. They beat us in our only World Series appearance. Now this. This, being probably THE most one-sided trade in the history of Tampa Bay professional sports.
Getting a player of Gagne’s caliber in exchange for a guy who might not even start the season in the NHL (plus a draft choice) is sweet; getting him from the Philadelphia Flyers is enough to induce a diabetic coma.


While Tampa Bay Applauds The Deal, Philadelphia Broods

“Yzerman is Jedi” is a phrase that is making the popular rounds on Twitter and elsewhere after today’s deal between the Lightning and Flyers. With the Bolts giving up an expendable defenseman and a fourth round draft pick for an elite wing… Well, how else did Steve Yzerman pull this off?

Meanwhile, Ben Rothenberg at Broad Street Hockey has quesitons

Now the question is: why did the Flyers acquire Walker? He is now their 8th defenseman costing more than their 6th and 7th. Is Oskars Bartulis going back to Adirondack? Why pick up the $1.7 million salary, effectively dumping Gagne’s $5.25 million hit to only give the team ~$1 million in cap space?

Maybe Walker gets waived, giving the team roughing ~$2.7 million in cap space, but then why acquire Walker in the first place?

Answer: Jedi mind trick.


Tampa Bay Lightning Acquire Simon Gagne From Flyers

There has been speculation for a week about Simon Gagne potentially being traded to the Tampa Bay Lightning. First, it was just open speculation on Raw Charge. Then? There were confirmed reports of talks from the mainstream media.

Then, today, it happened.

Gagne was traded from the Stanley Cup runner-up Philadelphia Flyers to the Tampa Bay Lightning for Matt Walker and a fourth round pick in 2011.

Gagne was dealt thanks to the Flyers' dire need to get under the salary cap. But while the Lightning had prospects to offer to the Flyers, they ultimately moved veteran defenseman Walker and his $1.7 million salary.

To a team desperate to get under the cap? Yes, the Gagne move plus the Walker acquisition does put them under the NHL salary cap, but it provides much less room as a prospect-loaded deal would for the Flyers.

In fact, the sentiment is that the Bolts robbed the Flyers here. Though Gagne has a history of injury issues, he also has a prolific history of scoring -- even in injury-shortened seasons. The potential is huge and the cost minimum for the Lightning. Though Walker was signed for three more seasons and Gagne is only signed for one... well, the Lightning have defensive depth to replace Walker. They'll gladly take Gagne's scoring prowess in exchange.

Read more at Raw Charge.

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