FSU Vs. Oklahoma: Hometown Seminoles Lose 13-23

The #5 Florida State Seminoles had their work cut out for them this weekend, facing off against the #1 Oklahoma Sooner on Saturday night, but injuries and turnovers spelled doom for the Noles.

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Florida State Vs. Oklahoma: FSU Loses 13-24

It was a closer game than a year ago. Florida State has come a long way. However, the 'Noles were not able to take down No. 1 Oklahoma in the end despite playing in a capacity filled Doak Campbell Stadium. The deciding factors were FSU defense's learning curve, several wasted chances, and EJ Manuel's shoulder injury. 

In little less than 8 minutes into  the 1st quarter, Oklahoma used its fast-paced offense to generate a touchdown and an extra point off a flat-footed Seminole defense. If 'Noles defense had been able to acclimate sooner, the outcome of the game would have been radically different. The 'Noles would have stopped the Sooner's 15 play, 80 yard touchdown push. The 'Noles might have won the game.

Though Florida State's offense had struggled to generate against Oklahoma's solid defense all game, they succeeded in generating yardage and chances. If the 'Noles had taken advantage of some of those chances, they would have been in a position to win. Three turnovers, all of which proved costly, doomed the 'Noles to a tough uphill battle all game.

Florida State's starting quarterback EJ Manuel's sustaining a left shoulder injury while rushing certainly didn't help FSU's chances. Manuel's departure brought freshman Clint Trickett onto the field. The 180 pound underclassman (spare the child!) looked fragile each of the five times he was sacked by Oklahoma's stalwart defense. Though Trickett threw for FSU's only touchdown of the game (an impressive display), both his inexperience and his lack of protection caused his demise.

The game was a dramatic disappointment for Florida State University's national aspirations and a dramatic boost for Oklahoma's. Though FSU failed this test, it is apparent that the program is headed in the right direction.


FSU Vs. Oklahoma: Trickett Comes Through.....Touchdown FSU! 14-14

Freshman quarterback Clint Trickett throws for a 56 yard touchdown to FSU Wide Receiver Rashad Greene with little more than 9 minutes left in the 4th. Oklahoma defense left shocked and frustrated.

NOTES: How many penalties will FSU take this game? The Seminoles have lost major yardage over penalties this game. 


FSU Vs. Oklahoma: Trickett Brings Noles to Field Goal 6-13

Thanks to a push by FSU offense and a fabulous 24 yard reception by FSU’s Jarred Haggins, Red Shirt Freshman Clint Trickett brought FSU within 3 pointer distance. FSU took advantage of the opportunity and the score stands at 6-13


FSU Vs. Oklahoma: BREAKING NEWS - EJ Manuel Injured, Trickett Takes the Field

E J Manuel walked off the field clutching his left side after being tackled when rushing the ball. Manuel immediately went to the locker room for medical attention. 180 pound Freshman quarterback Clint Trickett takes the field.


FSU Vs. Oklahoma: FSU Defense Keeping Team Alive Through Half, 3-13

This is not a one-sided game. Though it is true that EJ Manuel has thrown two interception passes and that the latter was returned for 69 yards, the Seminole offense has been making plays. FSU's running play has improved and its passing has been good overall (aside from occasional interception).  Some of FSU's best offense plays have been by running the quarterback.  

Not only has the Seminole offense been making plays, but the defense looks effective.  It's obvious that  FSU Defensive Coordinator Mark Stoops has not been idle after a scary opening 10 minutes. FSU defense has adjusted and has applied pressure to quick moving Oklahoma offense, forcing them to punt and settle for a field goal.

NOTE: FSU's Kenney Shaw was slammed so hard that he lost consciousness right before he crossed the goal-line. Shaw was carted off the field and is being taken to a local hospital.  His getting knocked was a game changer. If not for that hit, the game would be 10-7 FSU


FSU Vs. Oklahoma: Botched Finish, FSU Field Goal, Interception 3-7

Florida State looked like it was in the game when it answered Oklahoma's opening push with a 28 yard rush by Quarterback EJ Manuel. However, a 10 yard holding penalty and an offensive lapse resulted in a sack for an 11 yard loss and pushed the Seminoles back. Dustin Hopkins kicked a 53 yard field goal to bring the score 3-7 Oklahoma.  

After the punt, FSU's offense was given another chance with an interception by Rashad Gholston

NOTE: FSU Cornerback Greg Reid is back on the field. 


FSU Vs. Oklahoma: FSU Injured and Hurting at 0-7

Florida State's troubles began as soon as Oklahoma received the game's kickoff.  A minute and a half later (13:25), Corner Back Greg Reid hobbled off field with what looked like a traumatized quadricep.

Without loosing a step, Oklahoma walked the ball down for what looked like an effortless touchdown. The kick was good.  As projected, Oklahoma's hurry-up offense is causing trouble. FSU Defense MUST keep up with the tempo. 


Florida State Takes on Oklahoma: Things To Watch

T-Minus eight hours, ten minutes until kickoff...

Things to Watch:

1. FSU Defense - Last season, Oklahoma's hurry-up offense never allowed a frustrated Seminole defense to get set. This season, FSU's defense has gotten bigger and better. "Hopefully our team has grown and we've gotten better," Fisher said. "We know our players better, they know us better. They know our scheme better.

2. Today's game will show whether the well-developed ‘Nole defense has developed the efficiency and skill to stop Oklahoma's hurry-up offense.

3. FSU Running Game - So far this season, ‘Noles rushing has been underwhelming. Oklahoma's only game thus far saw their Dominique Whaley with 18 carries and an average of 7.3 yards per carry. Florida State hasn't been running the ball nearly as much. FSU's two games saw lead rusher James Wilder Jr. with 10 carries and an average of 7.6 yards per carry.

However, Head Coach Fisher has adjusted the offensive line to give the running game its legs. "It's a work in progress," Fisher said. "We'll get better."

Things to Remember:

1. In his 13 years as head coach, Oklahoma's Head Coach Stoops has never beaten a ranked, non conference opponent on the road. That sort of established pattern excludes coincidence. This is a trend.

2. This is Oklahoma's first road game against a top five non-conference opponent since 1998 when their No. 3 team lost 23-7 to No. 5 Southern California in 1988.

3. Home field advantage will be significant to this game. FSU won all but one of its home games last season (they lost to North Carolina 35-37) and has won 10 of its 11 previous home games at Doak Campbell Stadium. But this game isn't just any game. Campus has been alive with anticipation of this game. On the street, in the library, in the halls, the gym, cafeteria...everyone has talking about this game. During class time, even Professors have been talking about it instead of focusing on the lecture. FSU will enjoy an absolutely enormous home field advantage.


Preview: #5 Florida State Vs. #1 Oklahoma

And so the season officially begins. After facing easy matchups the first couple weeks, both the Florida State Seminoles (#5) and Oklahoma Sooners (#1) enter this week with perfect records. This is the first big test for both teams, and this week’s results could go a long way toward determining both team’s final standings in the BCS.

For our full game preview and analysis, see Daniel Russell’s work. Here’s a brief snippet:

So what should the Seminoles be worried about? This team is certainly an upgrade over last years 10-win team with an improved defense at the helm of Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops’ little brother Mark Stoops. But if the competition was only between Oklahoma’s offense and Florida State’s defense, this conversation would be moot. The Sooners would likely win. They have an incredible running game, a solid core of receivers, and a talented quarterback.

In the meantime, we have seen FSU quarterback E.J. Manuel target 12 different receivers a game and a running game that fell all over itself. Then again, they weren’t even trying; Florida State has been hiding their hand. The first two games against Louisiana-Monroe and Charleston Southern were negligible, we haven’t seen anything yet. Then again, we haven’t seen Oklahoma either.

Matchup: #5 Florida State Seminoles vs. #1 Oklahoma Sooners
Location: Doak Campbell Stadium, Tallahassee, Fla.
Game Time: 8:00 PM
Coverage: ABC
Staff Prediction: Florida State 24, Oklahoma 21 (the spread is three points, but in favor of Oklahoma)

For a game recap and analysis, follow along with SB Nation Tampa Bay on Twitter.


Call It A Comeback. Game Preview: #5 Florida State Hosts #1 Oklahoma

The OU Sooners visit Tallahassee for the first time, the FSU Seminoles brace for impact, both teams eye a championship run. 8:00, ABC.


#1 Oklahoma Sooners vs. #5 Florida State Seminoles Live Game Day Chat

SB Nation Tampa Bay will host a live chat during the Oklahoma-Florida State showdown. Join the Gator lover JC De La Torre as we watch the Noles try to upset the #1 team in the Nation.


FSU Vs. Oklahoma: History Working Against Seminoles

Needless to say, this weekend’s game against the #1 Sooners is a rather important game for the #5 Seminoles. They may be lower in the rankings, but especially since the game will be played in Florida, the spread between the two teams is rather close — a mere four points. So despite Oklahoma’s #1 ranking, this is definitely a winnable game for Florida State.

What would winning against the Sooners do for Florida State? For one thing, it’d give them a great boost in the AP poll rankings; while they are already ranked #5 in the nation, proving themselves against the current #1 team can only help move them higher. This is a make-or-break moment for FSU, one that will help determine which path they go down the rest of the season.

But an FSU victory on Saturday would also be a huge coup for the ACC as a whole. Thanks to ESPN’s ACC Blog for these stats:

Since Florida State beat Virginia Tech in the 2000 Sugar Bowl, ACC teams are 6-47 against nonconference teams ranked in the top 10.

During that span, the conference is 1-32 against top five teams.

The ACC has lost 10 straight to top five teams, and 13 of the past 14 against top 10 opponents.

In other words, the conference has failed quite frequently when the spotlight is on. Granted, the Seminoles are the underdogs in this game and if they lose, it shouldn’t speak to the general unworthiness of the ACC as a whole. But if they were to win, it certainly would be a much-needed notch in the hat for ACC fans.

For more on the Seminoles, follow along with Tomahawk Nation.

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