Warhawks Speared in Opening Day Shutout, Seminoles Win 34-0

The Florida State Seminoles Return to Center Stage

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Warhawks Speared in Opening Day Shutout


The fourth quarter started off with a failed 38 drive by the Warhawks. In the return, the Noles were able to steadily approach the ULM zone and were close enough for Hopkins to score a field goal.  The score stood at 27-0 with 8:30 left in the fourth.


FSU defense immediately shut down ULM, allowing FSU true freshman quarterback Clint Trickett, son of FSU offensive line coach Rick Trickett, to take the field for the first time.  The Tallahassee native Trickett immediately threw a pass to fellow Freshman Rashad Greene for a 28 yard touchdown and brought tears to his father's eyes. Yet again, Hopkins's kick was good. Trickett's efforts brought the score to 34-0 with 7 minutes left in the fourth. 


Noles defense were able to keep ULM from scoring for the remainder of the game. 


Florida State University's opening game was a good warmup for their September 17th matchup with top ranked Oklahoma.  




FSU Widens Gap 24-0

The third quarter started with Noles Sophomore safety Lamarcus Joyner running a 36 yard return off a ULM punt. Though ULM's defense was able to hold the Noles off, Joyner is showing off exactly why he’s been attracting so much hype. The agility seen in Joyner’s intercepting ULM’ Browning pass in the second quarter and his speed seen in his punt return in the beginning of the third solidifies him as a player to watch.

As soon as the Noles defense stopped UML’s 25 yard push, Manuel started steadily pushing the ball from the Seminole 34 all the way down the field for a touchdown. In his first start as a Seminole, Freshman Devonta Freeman complemented Manuel’s efforts with his impressive rushing skills and rushed the ball into a touchdown. Dustin Hopkins’s extra point was good and the score stands 24-0 Florida State.

UML was not able to convert against the Noles’ defense.

-Every time the FSU coaching staff used hand signals to communicate with their players, two staff members held towels over the coaches to block the crowd from the hand signals. This coaching staff isn’t taking any chances this year.


FSU's Offenses's Wasted Efforts and Sweet Redemption Brings Score 17-0 Florida State

The second quarter was oriented around the three chances FSU's offense was given.

The first chance was at the onset of the second quarter. After ULM was forced to punt 7 seconds into the quarter, Reid made a fair catch at the Florida State 7. Manuel shifted into gear, making 7 complete passes, including a 25 yard pass to Bert Reed. Manuel wasn't done yet. After rushing the ball 9 yards to the ULM 9 yard line, Ty Jones was able to rush the ball to the 4 and Manuel rushed to the 1. However, the Noles offense stopped there with a 5-yard-penalty on Andrew Datko (False Start). A very (and put a whole lot of emphasis on very) debatable incomplete pass to Reid forced Dustin Hopkins to make a 24 yard field goal, bringing the score 10-0 Florida State.

Seminole offense fell short again when, after Reid' 30 yard punt return to ULM's 17, Manuel throws an interception from ULM's 17 yard line to Darius Prelow. However, FSU's new Lamarcus Joyner (he played cornerback last year) intercepted an ill-advised pass by ULM quarterback Kolton Browning.

This time, the Noles offense didn't waste a chance. After some great rushing by Chris Thomson (19 yards, 8 yards, and 1 yard), Manuel threw a pass to Greg Dent for 50 yards and a touchdown. Dustin Hopkins's field goal was good and the score stood at 17-0 Florida State with 2:00 left in the 2nd.

-In the first chance, FSU had the ball for 8 minutes and travelled 87 yards but still was not able to convert their effort into a touchdown.
-ULM's no-huddle strategy backfired when Brandon Jenkins sacked totally unprotected ULM quarterback Kolton Browning, taking him back inside his own 5. ULM was forced to punt.
-Greg Reid is having a stellar first game.


FSU Up 7-0 at End of 1st Quarter


FSU won toss, deferred, and ULM receives.  


The first half of the first quarter was uneventful with no significant yard gains from either offense.  This was due to opening day jitters and good defense by both teams. 


It took a couple of minutes of play for the Noles offense to find their stride but find it they did.  After Nole's Greg Reid ran a 179yard answer to a 34 yard punt, quarterback E.J. Manuel, who made his first career start as Florida State's starting quarterback, came alive. Manuel immediately followed up Reed's run with a 16 yard pass to Rodney Smith and and an 17 yard pass to Kenny Shaw to get the ball to ULM's 6 yard line. The Noles scored their first touchdown with 4:16 left in the first quarter with a pass to wide open Bert Reed, despite Manuel being sacked for a 3 yard loss.


ULM answered the Noles push with a push of their own. Three first downs took the Warhawks to the Seminole 40.  However, the Seminole defense woke up in time to stop the drive and the first quarter expired.  



FSU veteran lineman Andrew Datko was seen taking command of the defensive line to take the opening day jitters off of new Junior College (North Dakota State College) center Jacob Fahrenkrug

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