Bryan Grosnick

MLB Editor

Bryan Grosnick is the MLB Editor for SB Nation Tampa Bay, covering the Miami Marlins and Tampa Bay Rays. As an editor for sabermetric site Beyond The Boxscore, you can usually find him examining data, inventing new statistics and comparing historical performances. He's also previously contributed baseball writing to Baseball, RotoHardball, RotoAuthority, MLB Daily Dish, and numerous other outlets. Bryan also can be found behind the scenes at SB Nation, serving as a copy editor and occasional news desk contributor." During the day, he's an instructional designer and consultant. He spends what little free time he has left with his wife and dog, and all three can usually be found running and/or eating delicious food.


Objective analysis of the Marlins-Blue Jays deal


The Marlins completed the biggest fire sale in team history, dealing almost every player on the team with a guaranteed contract. What did the team get in return as a result of this massive,...

Retrospective: B.J. Upton's career in Tampa

B.J. Upton has been a crucial part of the Rays organization since being drafted in 2002. Having likely played his last game in baby blue, let's recap the young star's career in Tampa.

Mike Redmond and the future of the Miami Marlins


The new manager for the Miami Marlins is former catcher Mike Redmond. Is this a wise hire by Larry Beinfest and the Marlins' front office?

Who's next after Ozzie Guillen in Miami?

The Marlins fired manager Ozzie Guillen after a disastrous one-year stint in Miami. With Ozzie out of the picture, who's the right guy for the job?

Addition by subtraction: Heath Bell


The Marlins got out from under most of Heath Bell's contract, but did the team get back anything of worth in the trade as well?

Alex Rodriguez, Miami Marlin?


Keith Olbermann thinks Alex Rodriguez might be heading to Miami. Would this be a good fit for the Marlins, or would he be another high-priced mistake?

What's next for the Miami Marlins?

The Miami Marlins were a disappointment in 2012, but what should they do for 2013? Is it a time to rebuild, or should the team add a few players to chase a wild card berth?

The magic of Jeremy Hellickson


Last year's AL Rookie of the Year, Jeremy Hellickson, has put up great ERA numbers in his first two seasons in the bigs. Can he be expected to keep up this level of quality, or do the numbers mask...

2012 Rays season in review

The Rays were so close to reaching the playoffs in 2012, but couldn't quite make it. What went right and what went wrong during their 2012 campaign?

2012 Marlins season in review

The Miami Marlins started 2012 with a new manager, new stadium, new players, and a new look. But in the end, they occupied their same old spot at the bottom of the NL East. What went right for the...

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