NHL Television Schedule: Tampa Bay Lightning Get Big Exposure

The NHL released their television schedule for the 2011-2012 season this afternoon, and it turns out the Tampa Bay Lightning will be getting a lot more national attention this year than in the recent past. The Bolts are currently scheduled for 21 national broadcast games in the US, with an additional five games that will be broadcast throughout Canada.

The Bolts didn't have nearly this many nationally broadcast games last season, so it appears the NHL is really looking to play them up after their extended success in this past season's playoffs. The Lightning are an exciting team and should make another run for the playoffs, so I'm certainly looking forward to the high-profile games against the Capitals.

For the Lightning's full schedule, pop below the jump. For another take on the schedule, check out John Fontana over at Raw Charge.

Full National Schedule:

Sat. 10/8/11 -- Tampa Bay vs. Boston 7:00 PM -- NHLN-US
Mon. 10/10/11 -- Tampa Bay vs. Washington 7:00 PM -- VS
Tue. 10/25/11 -- Tampa Bay vs. Buffalo 7:30 PM -- VS
Sat. 10/29/11 -- Winnipeg vs. Tampa Bay 7:00 PM -- CBC

Fri. 11/4/11 -- Chicago vs. Tampa Bay 7:30 PM -- NHLN-US
Wed. 11/9/11 -- Philadelphia vs. Tampa Bay 7:30 PM -- VS
Thu. 11/17/11 -- Pittsburgh vs. Tampa Bay 7:30 PM -- NHLN-US
Mon. 11/28/11 -- Tampa Bay vs. Minnesota 7:30 PM -- VS
Wed. 11/30/11 -- Tampa Bay vs. Detroit 7:30 PM -- VS

Sat. 12/10/11 -- Tampa Bay vs. Philadelphia 7:00 PM -- NHLN-US
Mon. 12/12/11 -- New Jersey vs. Tampa Bay 7:00 PM -- VS

Sat. 1/7/12 -- Tampa Bay vs. Montreal 7:00 PM -- CBC
Fri. 1/13/12 -- Tampa Bay vs. Washington 7:00 PM -- NHLN-US
Tue. 1/31/12 -- Washington vs. Tampa Bay 7:30 PM -- VS

Tue. 2/7/12 -- Los Angeles vs. Tampa Bay 7:30 PM -- VS
Sat. 2/18/12 -- Washington vs. Tampa Bay 7:00 PM -- NHLN-US
Sat. 2/25/12 -- Tampa Bay vs. Pittsburgh 1:00 PM -- NHLN-US

Fri. 3/2/12 -- N.Y. Rangers vs. Tampa Bay 7:30 PM -- NHLN-US
Thu. 3/8/12 -- Tampa Bay vs. Washington 7:00 PM -- NHLN-US
Sat. 3/17/12 -- St. Louis vs. Tampa Bay 7:00 PM -- NHLN-US
Mon. 3/26/12 -- Tampa Bay vs. Philadelphia 7:30 PM -- VS
Tue. 3/27/12 -- Tampa Bay vs. Boston 7:30 PM -- VS
Sat. 3/31/12 -- Winnipeg vs. Tampa Bay 7:00 PM -- CBC

Mon. 4/2/12 -- Washington vs. Tampa Bay 7:00 PM -- VS
Wed. 4/4/12 -- Tampa Bay vs. Montreal 7:30 PM -- TSN
Sat. 4/7/12 -- Tampa Bay vs. Winnipeg 7:00 PM -- CBC

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