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Mike Williams Arrested For DUI

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There is an adage in the NFL that nothing good happens after midnight and last night Tampa Bay Buccaneer rookie wide receiver Mike Williams became the latest case in point. At approximately 3am Friday morning, Williams was pulled over for speeding 12 miles over the posted limit and was subsequently arrested on charges of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Williams reportedly failed a field sobriety test and later was given two separate breathalyzer tests in which he blew .065 and .061, both of which is under the legal limit of 0.08. The police officer choose to arrest Williams despite those numbers based on his belief that he "smelled of alcohol" and had "glassy eyes". William was released at 8am after posting $500 bail.

Williams submitted to a urine test which is given to determine if the suspect is impaired by any substance other than alcohol and the results from that test are yet unknown.

After some initial conflicting statements from the Buccaneers, Head Coach Raheem Morris announced this afternoon that Williams will travel to San Fransisco with the team and after consulting with his team captains, Josh Freeman and Ronde Barber, Williams will be given the okay to play Sunday against the 49ers.

Earlier this year similar cases have have resulted in the team sitting their player down for only the first quarter following extra-curricular transgressions as both Braylon Edwards of the Jets and Kenny Britt of the Titans faced similar allegations and were not suspended by the league.

Morris told reporters that he was "disappointed" in Williams' decision to stay out late and drive after having even a little to drink but he also said he was gathering as much detail as he could and with the information he had he was comfortable playing Mike this Sunday.

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