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One (Good?) Letter Deserves Another

Dear NFL,


Hey there. How’s it going? Guess you’re a little busy right now, huh, with it being end-of-season and all.  There are playoffs approaching and we all know it takes time and energy to get ready for a big event. 


Which is why it was so nice of you to send that apology note to Kellen Winslow down here in quiet little Tampa Bay. So it really wasn’t a pass interference move he made. Good to know. After the fact…


It’s a hollow victory of sorts, this letter and admission. Game’s long been over. If that call hadn’t been made and the play had stood as a touchdown, might it have made the difference in which column that game’s outcome had been notched?










Truth be told, your missed call shouldn’t have been the crux on which the final score of the game hinged. The Bucs should have been able to win that thing without needing to depend on a single officiating moment, botched or not. And apparently, it’s not the first such piece of apologetic communication y’all have sent to the Buccaneers this season.


I suppose this latest missive could be subtitled “Ooops, we did it again.” Bad calls are part of the package. Fans are used to it…. BOOOOOOOOOOO. THAT CALL SUCKS! (Sorry. That was an involuntary response from this fan. I’m not disgruntled. After decades of watching football, I’m just programmed that way.) Players are resigned to it.  Bert Emanuel probably still has nightmares even ten years after That &#%* Call in the NFL Championship Game.


While I’m all for good manners and such, I’m not sure that writing these “Man, we screwed up out there on the field.  Sorry, dude.” letters are all that helpful. You know you blew it. We fans know you blew it. The team knows you blew it.  Owning your mistakes is an honorable thing – but in cases like this, when frankly, it only contributes to a moral victory, it’s a lot of a little too late.


When I chat with Santa later today about my wish list for those around me, I’m going to ask him for some wisdom, focus and good judgment for all those officials. An extra dose couldn’t hurt.  I’ll ask him to throw in some antacids for everyone whose job description includes “working with the New York Jets.”  Y’all have your hands full.  Feet too.


Cheers and happy holidays!



Faithful Football Fan Janey


Photographs by, thelastminute, turtlemom nancy , fesek, kthypryn, justinwright, sue_elias, pointnshoot, and scrapstothefuture used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.