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Stop The Trop Talk

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Everyone knows the catwalks at Tropicana Field are a problem. Everyone knows the Rays want out of there in the worst way. Everyone knows that isn't going to happen overnight. There's no point in crying about it now.


Sure, it would have been great to win that game yesterday, but there was no guarantee that was going to happen, catwalks or no catwalks. Had Bartlett caught that ball, it was still just tied.


As many times as the Rays have been beneficiaries of the crazy things and we've all shared a chuckle about "home field advantage", complaining about the situation after coming up on the short end comes off as more than a little sore loser-y.

Photographs by, thelastminute, turtlemom nancy , fesek, kthypryn, justinwright, sue_elias, pointnshoot, and scrapstothefuture used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.