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Gator Fan Looks At USF Vs. Florida

Alligator Army is the preferred blogger of Florida Gator sports. They offer a preview of the game from a Gator perspective. Here’s the nutshell, but I encourage you to read the whole thing:

The success of USF is reliant on two things; quarterback B.J. Daniels and their defense.

Florida’s secondary should lock up USF’s receivers, so Daniels [and the backs] will have to run.

Should Florida execute and Mike Pouncey not roll snaps to John Brantley, USF could be up Hogtown Creek without a paddle.

For a little further insight into GatorLand, check out this quote from the Alligator Army in an interview with USF’s voodooFIVE:

I worry about Saturday because I was at USF’s win over FSU and I remember their win at Auburn. As a Tampa resident, I know a lot of the kids at USF are only there because UF, FSU or a Southern powerhouse didn’t have room for them. For some reason, USF gets better talent than the other Florida schools not in Gainesville, Coral Gables or Tallahassee. The Gators realize that, but I don’t think the fans do as much.

I think UF will win, but it will be a game for three quarters. I don’t see UF covering the 15.5 point spread.

I highlighted that interesting line. Do you agree with that statement?

For all Gators all the time, remember Alligator Army.

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