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Enemy Of The Week Nominee: 'Little' Alyssa

Look at her, but do not be fooled.

Sure, she's not very tall, and her appearance may seem to indicate that she's just an innocent young little girl Enemyofweeksteelers_20100925_mediumwaiting to see a football game. And that's exactly what Alyssa wants you to think.

Look closer, and you'll see the oversized hat, the oversized glasses, and the oversized jersey - all tricks to make her look even smaller than she is.

Even worse, the colors of the gear she is wearing belies her allegiances. The blackest black contrasts wickedly with the yellowist yellows.  Zoom in, and you can see the Steelmark logo.  Twice.  Even says STEELERS on that huge brain shield.

But focus on those glasses for a minute.  In the bright sunshine, many of us - even Floridians - wear sunglasses.  But only a very few of us wear sunglasses that are bigger than our head.  And we all know you can't trust anybody with big sunglasses. Alyssa's are so big, they are obviously protective shades - normally used for welding or forging or some kind.

Anyway, Aunt Lisa (in the Bucs jersey) knew of the girl's true powers.  You'll notice she has her in custody, and is just inches away from putting a choke hold on the (supposed) youngster.

Alas, it also looks as if the tiny Pittsburgher painted Aunt Lisa's fingernails black, weakening her.  She eventually got free of her grasp, and was able to cheer the terrible Pittsburgh Steelers on to victory at vaunted Raymond James Stadium.

And that's why Alyssa is a finalist for the SB Nation Tampa Bay Enemy Of The Week.

We're alwlays looking for Tampa Bay's most outrageous, outspoken, excitable, enthusiastic fans.  If you see anyone who fits the description, snap a photo, tell us what makes them such a great fan of our local teams, and send it to us at

Photographs by, thelastminute, turtlemom nancy , fesek, kthypryn, justinwright, sue_elias, pointnshoot, and scrapstothefuture used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.