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Lagarrette Blount Investigation: Statements Made From Both Sides

LaGarrette Blount's attorney has released a statement on the veracity of the claims being made by a fan who claims that Blount assaulted him in his apartment building parking garage after a game three months ago, via Stephen Holder of the St. Petersburg Times.

"I spoke to LeGarrette and we rejected it outright because he didn’t do anything wrong," Morgan said. "We’re not going to pay someone who is just making a money grab. If there’s a claim he needs to address – and I’m not saying that there is – I suggest he do so with the other guys involved."

We received an email at SB Nation Tampa Bay directly from Brian Hoag, the attorney that is representing the fan who has leveled these accusations. Here is his response to the claims that the lawsuit id just a "money grab."

A recent media report included comments from a representative of Mr. Blount that characterized the case as a “money grab.” However, the facts detailed in the police report clearly reflect that our client was the victim of severe bodily injury and property damages. We do not wish to question anyone’s character – we only seek recovery of Mr. Holmer’s damages.

And finally, a quote from the fan himself who claims that he didn't even want this lawsuit to become a public issue, and is just seeking the damages and hospital bills he feels that he rightfully deserves.

Foremost, I want it to be known that I did not seek or desire public attention for this matter. The only action I’ve taken since the event nearly three months ago was to participate in the criminal investigation (that was conducted at the investigating detective’s request) and hire an attorney in an effort to recover my medical expenses and damages. While I understand the recent media interest, I sincerely hope that representatives of the media will respect my strong desire to not make any further comment beyond this statement. Please direct any inquiries to my attorney, Brian Hoag. Thank you.

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