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RaysProspects Guidebook: Making Scouts of Us All

For those fans with real lives and thereby cannot watch every minor league game, The RaysProspects 2011 Prospect Guide is a must-have. Prospects are important to the small-market Rays, so knowing the prospects is knowing the team. Oh, and the guide is free. Say what?

RaysProspects ranks Jake McGee the #5 best pitching prospect in the Tampa Bay Rays system.
RaysProspects ranks Jake McGee the #5 best pitching prospect in the Tampa Bay Rays system.

Today, the Rays blogosphere sweetheart,, released their much-anticipated RaysProspects 2011 Prospect Guide. It includes nearly 200 pages of analysis and statistics on the Rays most intriguing young players. Frankly, the color scheme of the book may blind the common reader -- I would advise wearing polarized sunglasses -- but the content will blow said reader's mind.

Followers of the Rays must understand the Rays dependency on their farm system. As a small market team, the Rays key contributors will either be late-career stars (such as Manny Ramirez, Johnny Damon, Cliff Floyd, or the like) or young players still under team control -- such as prospects and minor leaguers.

Therefore, the average Rays fan can always improve their viewing experience by brushing up on the young fellows. The RaysProspects Guide allows for that -- with ease. This Spring Training, while listening to the Rays games or following online with Gameday, Rays fans aught keep the Guide handy -- it makes the listener likely more knowledgeable than the pontificating announcers.

In short: Get the RaysProspects 2011 Prospect Guide; it's good stuff.

Oh yeah, and it's free.

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