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Janoris Jenkins Talks With Will Muschamp, Decides To Leave Florida

Very rarely will a coach break news; that's the job of the public relations departments, after all. But apparently Will Muschamp, coach of the Florida Gators' football team, is having none of that. Earlier today, he tweeted out some breaking news concerning one of the Gators' players, Janoris Jenkins:

After meeting with Janoris Jenkins today, we both felt it was in his best interest to move ahead to the next stage of his career.

We appreciate Janoris' contributions to the University of Florida during his time here and wish him the best of luck.

Jenkins was arrested three days ago for possession of marijuana, making it the second time in the last three months that he'd been arrested for drug-possession. He had been arrested three times in total during his time with the Florida Gators, and apparently both sides felt as though a change needed to happen.

This will be a blow for the Gators, as Moses Jenkins will likely replace Janoris Jenkins next season. But as SB Nation's blog Alligator Alley notes, he's a downgrade from Janoris:

Without Janoris Jenkins on the field, Moses quite possibly will earn the starting position. That might just become the worst development to come from all of this. Moses Jenkins who was granted an extra year by the NCAA last November has never really lived up to his 4-star status as a Freshman way back in 2007. Moses Jenkins recorded his first career interception in the Outback Bowl. Throughout his injury plagued career he has appeared in 29 games (3 starts), and has been largely disappointing. He is going to really have to pick his game up now that the pressure is on.

It's sad that Janoris Jenkins' time with the Gators has to end on such a sour note, as he was an excellent player while with the Gators. Hopefully he lands on his feet and can make it to the NFL.

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