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Buccaneers Coach Raheem Morris: 'Every Day That Goes By, You Miss Something'

As the NFL lockout continues, plenty of NFL players are organizing to work out together. Unfortunately, as Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Raheem Morris notes, those workouts are great for staying in shape but not exactly helpful when it comes to actually playing football.

Morris, the Bucs' third-year head coach, had his whole offseason planned -- complete with installing more into the offense while completely revamping the special teams -- prior to the current labor struggle. Now Morris is changing that plan everyday while trying to fit in as much work into whatever time he's given following the end of the lockout.

"Every day that goes by, you miss something, but you find a way to get it in," Morris told the St. Petersburg Times. "So, hopefully we continue to stay (on) the cutting edge. My coaches constantly stay in contact with me and I'm constantly in contact with those guys. Myself and (offensive coordinator Greg) Olson have to be on the same page as far as install and how we want to put things in, along with having a new special teams coordinator, Dwayne Stukes. He's fired up but he's missing some of his days as well."

Lucky for Bucs fans, Morris seemed prepared enough that he should be able to quell most of the issues currently at hand.

"You have to prepare like every day (the lockout) is going to end," Morris said. "Right now, we're just in the office and we're just (adjusting) our schedule and the days you miss, how are you going to install? How are you going to prepare? What's going to happen? When is it going to happen? It doesn't matter. You have to prepare for all those situations and all those scenarios."

Hopefully the lockout ends as soon as possible so Morris isn't forced to cram too much into whatever days he has available with the players before the upcoming regular season begins.

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