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Due To NFL Lockout, Bucs To Close Offices Week Of Memorial Day

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have announced, via their official website, they will close their team offices the week of Memorial Day. Further, in the event of a prolonged NFL lockout, the Bucs will also close their offices the week of Labor Day and during select days in the winter. Tampa Bay will reimburse its employees for their lost wages during Memorial Day week if the NFL does not lose any games to the lockout

It's a creative solution to a problem that figures to affect every NFL team, namely how to cut costs during the lockout while being as fair to the employees as possible. "[T]he plan will essentially provide the team’s entire staff with an extra week of paid vacation [...] And more importantly, this plan preserves jobs and does not ask employees to work for less or no pay."

Another benefit to the plan, which the Bucs point out in the release, is they introduced it in March, which gave their employees plenty of time to plan vacations for a week they would likely want to get away anyway.

Of course, the biggest drawback to this plan is that, should the lockout result in a cancellation of part of the Bucs' regular-season schedule, Tampa Bay won't reimburse its employees at all. Still, keeping one's job and not getting paid beats losing one's job entirely.

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