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Redskins Vs. Buccaneers 2012: Tampa Bay's run of bad luck continues

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers gave up a fourth quarter lead for the second time this season. What needs to happen going forward for this team?

Matt Stamey-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers' 24-22 loss to the Washington Redskins was the second game this season where Tampa Bay has given up a fourth quarter lead. Many factors have lead the Buccaneers to this point, but Sander Philipse of Bucs Nation thinks that the team has been running low on luck recently.

Close games are won mostly on luck, and the Bucs appear to have missed that luck these past three games, losing three straight close games. They need to reverse that, and find a way to play a little better - and get a little bit of luck.

Philipse does admit that the Buccaneers have to play better. The good news is that they will have an extra week after this loss to prepare for the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 6. What Philipse is looking for is better pass coverage and consistency from quarterback Josh Freeman going forward.

The Bucs head into their bye week now, and they've got a lot of things to work on. Josh Freeman needs to find a way to be 'good Josh' more often, while the defense needs to figure out this complicated 'coverage' thing.

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