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LeGarrette Blount earns Bucs goal line role, says Greg Schiano

Blount was stopped three times on a crucial goal line series in Tampa Bay's loss to New Orleans.

A costly goal line series in Tampa Bay's 35-28 loss to the Saints on Sunday has many people questioning the decision to use LaGerrette Blount in short-yardage situations instead of Doug Martin. According to Bucs coach Greg Schiano, Blount earned the opportunity on that series because of his performance earlier in the season.

"You go back to the preseason and the Miami game when we pounded it away, then you go back to the Washington game, and he pounds it in there and puts it in the end zone," Schiano told the Tampa Bay Times. "After the preseason, we kind of felt that way, and then we kept going with it."

But after Blount's failure to score three straight tries Sunday, Schiano vowed to go back and reevaluate his personnel decision.

"Everything is constantly being evaluated," Schiano said. "And as you have a larger body of results to make decisions off, you hope that we make the best decisions with more information. And that's what we'll do."

Schiano also suggested that offensive line play and the scheme in place may have hindered Blount's success on that series. Tampa Bay travels to Minnesota for a Thursday night game this week.

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