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Magic vs. Lakers: Dwight Howard not looking back on time in Orlando

Even with the Magic coming to town, the Lakers center isn't exactly missing the Sunshine State


Dwight Howard has spent plenty of time thinking about the Magic over the last year — bickering with the Magic, demanding trades from the Magic, sparring with the coach of the Magic, finally being traded away from the Magic — so it's not really any surprise that he's not really in the mood to talk about Orlando any more.

But even with Orlando traveling to Los Angeles tonight, isn't Howard at least taking a moment or two to reminisce on his days there? Apparently not, according to the Orlando Sentinel:

"I had eight great years in Orlando, but this is a great situation for me to accomplish all the things that I want to accomplish as a player and as an individual. So there's no need to be ashamed that I made a move for my life.

Everybody's not going to understand it, but, at the same time, I only have one life. Nobody was there but my mom and dad when I was born, and nobody will be there when I die. So if they don't like my decision, that's fine."

So... no.

Howard, like the Lakers as a whole, has been a bit inconsistent in the early going this season. The star-studded team is still expected to contend for a title, while the Magic has struggled to a 5-10 record, taking away some of the luster from the matchup. Howard also said he doesn't have any hard feelings toward his former teammates, although he did mention that he's put his friendship with the guys in blue "on hold" during the season.

Altogether, Howard is probably just happy that he only has to field these questions just twice this season — and NBA fans are probably just as happy about that as well.

The Magic face the Lakers at 9:30 p.m. ET.

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