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New York Yankees: The Fragrance

This is too good to be true. The New York Yankees have decided to diversify a bit this year, and it has nothing everything to do with baseball.

According to ESPN's Wallace Matthews, the Yankees will be hosting a cocktail in Manhattan on Feb. 21 to debut an officially licensed line of fragrances. Move over Derek Jeter, let me say that again: the Bronx [stink]Bombers are coming out with an officially licensed cologne and perfume!

I wonder what the advertising campaign will be like, because I'm not sure how many people are ready to smell like Mark Teixeira.

The originality of the idea is trumped only by the unique names for the product. The cologne for men is called: "New York Yankees." The perfume for women? "New York Yankees For Her."

I'm not sure if the fragrance stemmed from issues in the club house, or because the Yankees felt like $2,500 for an individual box seat simply wasn't enough, but it's happening. On the bright side: yelling "You stink!" at the top of your lungs at every time the Yankees visit the Trop just took on new meaning.

Some funny responses after the jump:

ESPN New York:

Smells like team spirit.

Over the Monster:

And no, they don't smell like sweat, an Italian sub, resentment, old hot dogs, a swimming pool full of gold doubloons, anything having to do with George Costanza, anger, any personal drippings from Derek Jeter, entitlement, or barbecued centaur meat.

The one for men is called "New York Yankees" which is a name I feel like I've heard before somewhere. This is a little like Ford calling their new car "Ford Car", NASA naming a new planet "Planet" or Oprah starting her own TV network and calling it "Oprah." I mean, it just isn't done! The one for women is called, and this is subtle so be prepared, "New York Yankees For Her." I assume the "For Her" refers to a woman you happen to be pointing at while reading the title.

Hard Ball Talk:

Coincidentally, the Mets are also planning to introduce an official fragrance later this month. Each bottle costs $20 million and is filled with the tears of Mr. Met.

Yahoo Sports:

And after the success of Bartolo Cologne in 2011, the Fabulous Steinbrenner Boys obviously were convinced that the Yanks could not fall behind the Red Sox and Rays in the fragrance race. If nothing else, people will fill those usually vacant seats behind home plate just to get within sniffing distance of Boone Logan.

Mile High Sports:

Nothing attracts the opposite sex more than jasmine mixed with a hint of pine tar and stale peanut shells.

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