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Chris Rainey On The Florida Gators And Favoritism Under Urban Meyer

The Florida Gators under Urban Meyer have come under investigation, and some of Meyer's former players are now starting to respond. here is Chris Rainey, via GTN News.

And if you can't watch the video right now, here is a quick transcript of some of Rainey's more interesting comments:

On whether different players were given different rules:

Certain ones, but if you did play well in practice, or during a scrimmage, you would play. But some players got rewarded more, and some players were favorites, so it was just different out there.

On who might have been favored:

Tim Tebow, Percey Harvin, (Brandon) Spike, you know, players like that. Obviously they were good at the same time, but they were favored so I'm guessing trying to keep them healthy.

On this incident between Billy Gonzalez and Percy Harvin:

I heard that story from players, but I ain't never saw it. Just like I said, certain players, the coaches were scared of. Certain players, the players were scared of. But you can't answer questions like that because they good at sports, and you just can't do nothing about it.

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