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Ozzie Guillen Weighs In On The Erik Spoelstra And Dwyane Wade Situation

By now you know that Miami Heat All-Star, Dwyane Wade, and his coach Erik Spoelstra had an exchange of words on the sidelines in Wednesday night's game two of the Heat's second round NBA Playoff series with the Indiana Pacers at Conseco Fieldhouse.

Wade, who got in Spoesltra's face and had to be separated from his coach by his teammates in the third quarter of the game, ignited a media firestorm about his actions and now, Miami Marlins skipper, Ozzie Guillen, decided to throw his two cents in. More after the jump...

The Miami Herald reports what Ozzie says he would've done if Dwyane Wade had gotten in his face like that:

"I will kick his [butt],'' Guillen said. "Well, I won't say I'll kick his [butt]. They'll kick my [butt] because they're bigger than me, and I'm older. But I will take my chances. Some people have to understand our job. Some players, they think they know more baseball than you do.''

Guillen, who is known for putting his foot in his mouth, called Wade disrespectful and said he's begun to notice a lack of respect between player and coach:

"Before, the coaches had white hair and big bellies, smoking a cigar,'' Guillen said. " 'OK, that's my grandpa.' Now a lot of young guys are the same age as the coaches.''

Of course, the Miami Heat fiasco had nothing to do with Ozzie, but you know he's never one to pass up an opportunity to thrust himself in the spotlight in some way or another.

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