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Larry Scott: Big XII-SEC Bowl Game Could Lead To Plus-One Model

If you listen to Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott, the possibly of a "plus-one" championship game has resurfaced. Under the proposed "plus-one" model, the BCS would recalculate the standings following the completion of all the bowl games and then stage a title game between the teams ranked No. 1 and No. 2.

Last Friday's announcement of a bowl game between the Big XII and SEC champions is a "game-changer," according to the commissioner.

"I'd say before Friday that idea of a plus-one didn't have much traction, but I think the announcement on Friday's a game-changer," Scott told the Wall Street Journal. "We're pretty far down the path on four-team playoff options, but given the very positive reaction to what the SEC and Big 12 have done, it's possible that (a plus-one) could get some traction."

Previously, the four-team postseason proposal had been gaining the most traction after the 11 conference commissioners in the Football Bowl Subdivision, along with Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick, agreed to explore the possibility of a four-team playoff last month.

Major-college football has never held any sort of playoff.

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