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NBA Draft 2012 Grades, Heat

Andrew Sharp of SB Nation's NBA page has posted his draft grades for the 2012 NBA Draft, including his thoughts on the draft of the Miami Heat:

They acquired a future first round pick and still added a big man to play behind Chris Bosh. Considering they still have LeBron James, they really they could have drafted pretty much anyone and they'd be totally, totally fine -- but adding another first round pick for the future definitely doesn't hurt. GRADE: A.

When you're the NBA Champions you have a certain luxury afforded to yourself to set yourself up for the future instead of immediately address needs for now. The Heat took advantage of that luxury.

For more information on the NBA, please check out the SB Nation NBA Hub Page. For more information on the Miami Heat, stay tuned to SB Nation Tampa Bay and be sure to check out SB Nation's Heat blog Peninsula Is Mightier.

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