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Bobby Bowden Not Celebrating His New Record

Former Florida State head coach Bobby Bowden is now the winningest coach in FBS history. That changes happened on Monday after the NCAA stripped Penn State and former head coach Joe Paterno of 111 wins from 1998 through 2011. Bowden was reached for comment on Monday afternoon.

Bowden was not taking any pleasure in new record. Tony Barnhart of CBS quoted Bowden as saying the following:

"At first I was stunned. But I can tell you this: There is no celebrating in the Bowden household today. This is a very tough day for college football.

"I know people want to call and wonder what I have to say about this, but this is not the time to be talking about records. There are a lot of people who are hurting today. It's all so very, very sad. I feel terrible for what the victims are still going through. When you think about that, who won a lot of ball games just doesn't seem all that important."

Bowden has now been retired for three years.

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