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David Garrard Injury Rumor: Quarterback Chasing Son Led To Injury, According To Source

According to a report on, David Garrard was forced to undergo surgery on his knee after chasing his son in the backyard on Thursday night. The source is unnamed, but Garrard contacted the, saying he did chase his son, but that was not the sole cause of his injury.

After learning that was pursuing this story, Garrard contacted us to clarify that the incident with his son wasn't the cause of his injury, though it did force him to go see the team's training staff.

"I wasn't out playing basketball or football with my son," Garrard said. "I saw him running for the pool and I turned and felt some popping and clicking. I went in and told (the trainers) that, but that wasn't the cause. It had been swelling up on me throughout camp."

Garrard's injury and subsequent surgery came as a surprise to many on Friday. The surgery opens up the door for rookie Ryan Tannehill or Matt Moore to start for the Dolphins in week one. Tannehill was impressive in the Dolphins' preseason game on Friday night, passing for 167 yards and completing 14-for-21 passes.

Garrard underwent surgery on Saturday morning and posted the following from his Twitter account:

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