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Dolphins 53-Man Roster: The Phinsider Projects Final Cuts

Since there were few changes to the Dolphins' depth chart from the first one they released to the second one, our good folks at The Phinsider took a stab at projecting the final 53-man roster when training camp ends.

It's a little different from the depth chart, as they aren't picking reps as much as who is going to make the team. As the Dolphins develop through the season, we can anticipate changes being made to the depth chart.

According to the projection, Miami could be stacked at wide receiver just because it's not quite clear who is going to be cut out of that group. Steve Slaton makes the team, but then again, he might not. That would leave an extra roster spot for more depth on the offensive line to take care of Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas, or the Dolphins could drop one of those receivers.

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