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Florida Quarterback Jeff Driskel Injures Shoulder, According To A Lot Of Reports

Florida quarterback Jeff Driskel has more than likely injured his non-throwing (left) shoulder according to various reports, although the extent is unknown and the team has yet to make an official comment. In the absence of confirmation, there's a huge amount of speculation as to the severity of Driskel's ailment among the media:

Significant! Minor! "Seems fine!" SB Nation Florida blog Alligator Army bemoans the state of the Gator press corps in light of the rampant speculation:

There's no beat more grueling in college athletics than covering the Florida Gators. With more than a dozen (very good) teams, scores of prominent players, an insatiable fan base, and a savvy, quiet athletic department, it forces every writer to wait for the same meager drip of information, cover the same things, and work virtually every day of the year.

Breaking news: Jeff Driskel HAS two shoulders, including a "left" shoulder. Also, purple monkey dishwasher.

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