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2012 NFL Season Odds: Buccaneers Over/Under 6 Wins

With the regular season just two weeks away, everyone is giving out their predictions when it comes to the newly released win totals out of Las Vegas.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were given an over/under of six wins for the 2012 season, and there are a couple of dissenting opinions within the network. While Matt Ufford at the SB Nation YouTube page (Subscribe won't you!) thinks that the Bucs will win less than six games, Sander over at Bucs Nation thinks the new coaching staff will be the big difference between this year and last year,

Don't forget that this team started out 4-2 and beat both the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints in those first four games. And during their losing streak they still suffered single-score losses to the Chicago Bears and Tennessee Titans, and actually came close to beating the Green Bay Packers as well. This is not a team without talent, but a team that collapsed because of maturity issues and a lack of fundamentals. Guess what the team has been trying to instill in its players this year? Maturity and fundamentals. That alone should provide the Bucs with a few more wins.

While its unlikely that the Bucs will have the same sort of run that it had for the last half of the year, their schedule is really tough this year with games against the NFC East and the always strong NFC South.

For updates, stay tuned to SB Nation Tampa Bay. For more in-depth coverage of the Buccaneers, check out Bucs Nation. And for more news and notes from around the league, visit SB Nation NFL.

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