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Jacksonville Jaguars Roster Cuts: Injuries Could Factor In

Injuries and the NFL preseason are two enemies that are forced to collide at the beginning of every season. Teams obviously would like to be healthy going into their opening games, but health is part of the evaluation process for the players before teams even get to that point.

Take Jacksonville Jaguars tight end Zach Miller, for example. His calf injury is expected to keep him out for a couple of weeks, but the Jags don't have that long to decide whether or not they want to keep him. The problem with Miller is that he appears prone to injuries, having been carted off the field just three plays after returning from a torn pectoral muscle.

Here's Jags head coach Mike Mularkey on Miller and his injuries:

"We're going to look at him as an injured guy now and see where we're going to be for the opener. Right now we still have some decisions to be made. That will play into effect how serious it could be. Again, for everybody that's all part of the evaluation process."

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