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LeBron X Will Cost As High As $270, Says Nike

So apparently LeBron James' newest shoe won't retail at more than $300, as it was first reported by the Wall Street Journal last month. Nike spokesman Brian Strong told that a version of the LeBron X, will be sold in a pack for $270.

For those who were concerned that three bills was going to be just a bit too much to come up with to be like 'Bron, or really, for those concerned with the ones who wouldn't have been able to afford this shoe, you're in luck.

This shoe, with all the works of technology embedded in the mid-sole -- sensors, an adapter and charger --shouldn't even hit $300 after taxes.

ESPN cited sources that said the majority of the LeBron X shoes that will hit the market on Sept. 29 will retail for $180. All the extra tools is what pushes the shoe to close to $300.

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