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Florida HS Has Craziest Uniforms Ever

Atlantic High School in Delray Beach is making national headlines for their latest on-field attire. The Eagles unveiled some incredible uniforms that they will be wearing for future home games. Let's just say they'll stand out a bit:

The school was kind enough to send SB Nation an official picture of the uniforms:

The Eagles are currently 1-1 and have their official school colors listed as green and white. It looks like they're making the transition to green and green, taking inspiration from Oregon and going next level with this thing. As Porter of the Palm Beach Post notes, Atlantic received the unis gratis:

The uniforms were donated by Delray Beach nonprofit Prep and Sports and Delray 21, a subgroup of the Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce. They were designed by Ryan Boylston of Delray-based Futuristic Woo.

I think the most impressive part is how the contrast runs all the way down and through the shoes -- dedication to the design.

Photographs by, thelastminute, turtlemom nancy , fesek, kthypryn, justinwright, sue_elias, pointnshoot, and scrapstothefuture used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.