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BCS National Championship 2013: Historic powers collide

In what will be a ratings bonanza for television and a thrill for the pure college football fan, two of the best programs in history will duel for another crystal trophy.

Mike Ehrmann

The Alabama Crimson Tide and Notre Dame Fighting Irish are two of the biggest brands in college football.

Whether you want to talk about Knute Rockne and Lou Holtz or Bear Bryant and Nick Saban, the schools have enough history on the sidelines alone to make your head spin. Of course, the players haven't been too bad either, with Joe Montana, Joe Namath, Tim Brown and Bart Starr all having a slight rooting interest on Monday night.

As Brian Kelly points in the New York Daily News, this match-up is special.

"You have two blue-chip stocks that are going to go against each other. You have two great programs with great traditions," Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly said, adding that Alabama "continues to be the model in college football."

With no offense to the likes of the Oregon Ducks and Boise State Broncos, games involving traditional powerhouses such as the two who will be battling for the crystal football on Monday just evokes a different feeling.

Not to mention, Alabama has the chance to win it's third title in four years. This isn't lost of the team, per the Daily News:

"Do you know what coach would do to me if he watched this interview and heard me using the ‘D’ word?’’ Alabama’s All-American senior center Barrett Jones said. "That is not a ‘We approve this message,’ not at all.’’

Saban knows the next game is the only one that people will think about, which has certainly kept him on task. Per the article:

"I think what we’re really focused on is what we have to do in this particular game,’’ Saban said. ‘’Michael Jordan always says it doesn’t make any difference how many game-winning shots I’ve made in the past. The only one that matters is the next one.’’

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