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A.J. Rompza To Be Reinstated Following UCF Scandal

In the aftermath of the UCF recruitment scandal, the only player affected was UCF senior point guard A.J. Rompza. As the NCAA alleged that he had been in contact and received money from unofficial recruiter/booster Ken Caldwell, Rompza was suspended from play for the time being while the NCAA determined the penalty he must face.

The final verdict was just released, and it appears that Rompza has gotten off relatively easily:

The NCAA has ruled UCF senior guard A.J. Rompza will be eligible to resume competition on Dec. 30 once he repays $900 in improper benefits. (Orlando Sentinel)

While Rompza will miss a large portion of the NCAA basketball season, the monetary "benefits" he received were apparently rather small. Nine-hundred dollars can seem like a lot of money to college students, but considering the sort of benefits that players at Miami were receiving until recently, this fine seems like peanuts in comparison.

For more on the UCF recruitment scandal and its aftermath, see our Storystream coverage.

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