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Tim Tebow: It's His Time

The day has finally come. Tim Tebow, starting NFL quarterback. Florida Gators fans and Bronco fans rejoiced at John Fox's stubbornly forced decision to promote Tim Tebow to starting QB for their Week 7 matchup with the Miami Dolphins.

Almost poetically, the Dolphins are honoring Timmy's 2009 National Champion Gator team.

What Tebow isn't in the NFL is a guy who will throw for 400 yards and 5 touchdown passes. It doesn't matter. Tim will never win a game with arm. It's his mind and heart that will make the Broncos winners.

We'll tell you why after the jump.

NFL executives, "experts" and supposed know-it-alls have all fallen all over themselves pointing out what Tebow can't do. He's not this, he's not that. He's not what a prototypical starting QB in the NFL should be. He's not 6' 5" with a cannon arm, perfect delivery and Mike Vick quicks. He's not Aaron Rodgers. Or Matthew Stafford. Heck, Curtis Painter may be a more prototypical QB than Tebow is.

It doesn't matter.

What Tebow has can't be coached, measured or tracked. He has the X-Factor and I'm not talking Simon Cowell's American Idol rip-off. The Gator fans sensed it as soon as he walked on to campus. Tebow's a leader of men, someone whose desire to do whatever it takes to win a game is unparalleled and he has the uncanny ability to make it happen.

Will he suddenly turn the Broncos into a Super Bowl contender? No, of course not. Tim doesn't play defense. What Tim does do is bring that "IT" - that special something that only a few amazing individuals have. He gives it everything he's got and expects nothing less from his teammates. He shames million dollar athletes who typically care more about their new car or new gold digger than about the final score to actually care again.

The Broncos' fans sense it, too. Tim might be 1-2 as a starter, but in those three games he gave every ounce he had to make the Broncos winners and the certainly came close. His team played harder under his leadership than they did the entire season under Kyle Orton.

Sure, Orton's numbers were better. He made some big plays when he was in games - but the team lost...badly...a lot. That changed under Tebow.

It happened again this season. In their first four and half games, Orton put up respectable numbers but again the Broncos lost...and lost big. Enter Tim and they inches away from coming back from a 16 point deficit against the first place San Diego Charges.

Maybe he doesn't throw the prettiest ball. Neither did Joe Montana. Perhaps he doesn't have the prototypical throwing motion. And Bernie Kosar did? Maybe he is a little goodie-two shoes for most. So was Johnny Unitas.

The truth is there are few figures in the NFL with the magnetism of Tim Tebow. Just the mention of his name sends the internet world in a tizzy (you're reading this aren't you? Aren't you?)

I don't know if he will shine bright or if his star will finally dim in failure. What I do know is the Broncos and their fans now have a quarterback that will give every single ounce he has to put a W on the board. There's a lot of teams throughout the league who wouldn't mind that.

Personally, I think Tebow makes all those doubters eat their words.

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