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NBA Mock Draft 2012: Bradley Beal Could Be A Top 5 Pick

Florida guard Bradley Beal is being considered as a top-five pick in the upcoming NBA Draft. What team is a good fit for her?


Bradley Beal was a terriffic guard for the Florda Gators during the 2011-12 season. He averaged 14.6 points per game with 6.5 rebounds, averaging a field goal percentage of .445. He also had a pretty good three-point field goal average, shooting .339 beyond the arc.

After all of that, Beal could be rewarded with a top five selection in the NBA Draft in June. In the latest mock draft, SB Nation NBA Editor Tom Ziller has predicted that Beal will be selected by the Cleveland Cavaliers with the No. 3 overall draft pick.

3. CAVALIERS: Bradley Beal, Florida

Rolls Royce Backourt II. Kyrie Irving and Beal will be unstoppable, like Gilbert Arenas and Larry Hughes (uh) or Tyreke Evans and Kevin Martin (uhh) or Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry (uhhhhhhhhhh).

Sarcasm aside, if the Cavaliers are able to land the 6'3", 207 pound Beal and have him play alongside Kyrie Irving, that could go a long way to helping the Cavaliers become consistently competitive again.

For more information on the NBA Draft, check out the SB Nation NBA Page.

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