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Marlins Makes Offers To Pujols, Buehrle, and Madson

It's been a busy week for the Miami Marlins. Not only did they unveil their new uniforms and logo last Friday night, but they have also been exceptionally busy on the hot stove. They have reportedly made a 6 year, $90 million offer to Jose Reyes, and are hot on the scent of other top free agents.

The Marlins made Reyes an offer last week, major league sources say, and also offered deals to at least three other free agents - first baseman Albert Pujols, left-hander Mark Buehrle and closer Ryan Madson. (Ken Rosenthal, FOX Sports)

There have been no rumors suggesting how much the Marlins offered any of these players, but they did meet with Pujols and Buehrle over the course of last week. Considering the Marlins met with Reyes and made him an offer, it seems likely that they did the same with each of these players.

Do the Marlins intend to sign all of these players? Surely not. It's early in the offseason and they can make offers without worrying that all the players will accept the deals immediately. Other teams will try and outbid them, but this does position the Marlins to be involved in all the major free agents on the market this year.

They may not end up signing a handful of these players if the bidding gets too high, but odds are they will reach agreements with at least one of them. Heck, at this point, they will need to sign at least one of these free agents in order to keep this offseason from looking like a farce and a tease.

The question is, who will it be?

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