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Albert Pujols Rumors: Miami Marlins Expect Answer Tuesday Night

After a rather uneventful Monday, the Winter Meetings have been full of drama today. The Miami Marlins are in the midst of making one final push to sign Albert Pujols, and it appears that news should come out sometime tonight on where Pujols will go.

If you’re just catching up on the action, here are the major rumors that came out this afternoon:

  • The Marlins have supposedly offered Pujols a deal in the 10 year, $220 million range. That would match the Cardinals’ original deal in terms of AAV, but with an extra year tacked on.
  • There are conflicting reports on if the Marlins will or will not be willing to include a no-trade clause in a contract for Pujols. They have stated in the past that they will not use them for any player, but there were rumblings this afternoon that they might be willing to bend for Pujols.
  • The Marlins have met with the Commissioner’s Office tonight about their offer to Pujols, as it’s supposedly a “creative” contract. There’s no word on what’s so unique about it, but people were speculating that it could be anything from deferred money to creative financing to a stake in ownership. In short, who knows?

As of 8:30pm, the Marlins and Pujols had been in a meeting for the past half hour. This thing is coming down to the wire, folks, so keep your eye on Twitter tonight.

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