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C.J. Wilson Sign With Angels; Miami Marlins Shift Focus To Fielder

Shortly after it was announced that Albert Pujols had signed with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, the news broke that starter C.J. Wilson had decided to accept the Angels’ offer as well. Although the Angles only offered Wilson a five year, $75 million deal — and the Marlins were willing to go to six years, and offer him more money — Wilson lives locally and apparently relished the thought of joining the same rotation as Jered Weaver and Dan Haren. The Angels are going to be scary good next season.

So where does this news leave the Miami Marlins? They have now lost out on both Pujols and Wilson, and from all reports they would still like to add one more player to their team. Prince Fielder emerged yesterday as their backup plan, so it seems likely that the Marlins will dive into the bidding for his services.

Although Fielder is looking for a seven or eight year deal (and most teams only want to offer him five due to his body type), the Marlins seemingly have a decent shot at getting him. They certainly appear to have the money to throw around right now.

To join in the conversation about this ongoing saga of an offseason, head over to SB Nation’s blog on the Marlins, Fish Stripes.

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