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2011 Bowl Projections: Champs Sports Bowl Selling Out Fast; Exciting Possible Matchups

The Champs Sports Bowl has been around since 1990, but this might be the biggest year in its history. According to the Orlando Sentinel, the Champs Sports Bowl is already selling tickets at a record pace, and it looks like they could have their first sellout ever:

"Just on speculation alone, that game is selling well into the 50,000-plus range," executive director of Florida Citrus Sports Steve Hogan said Wednesday. "It's like at the 53,000-to-54,000 range already and we don't even have teams."

Based in Orlando, the Champs Sports Bowl has ties with two different conferences -- the Big East and ACC -- and they also have the ability to select Notre Dame once every four years. There has already been much speculation surrounding the potential matchup for the bowl, and numerous teams are in the mix for this year's selection: Virginia Tech, Florida State, West Virginia, Cincinnati, Notre Dame, and others.

One of the hottest rumors is that the Champs Sports Bowl could invite the Florida State Seminoles, as the Seminoles have had a disappointing year and are a local team. If the bowl wanted to go all out, they could then potentially matchup the Seminoles against Notre Dame, giving the CSB one of its most exciting matchups in history.

How likely is this scenario? Not terribly, but it is possible. The Seminoles appear likely to get an invite to the Chick-fil-A Bowl, but they could always decide to attend the Champs Sports Bowl if they would prefer to remain close to home. And if Clemson beats Virginia Tech this weekend, it could limit the Seminoles' options even further.

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