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Two Seminole Football Players Arrested, Suspended From Team

Linebacker Arrington Jenkins and cornerback Avis Commack have both been suspended from the Florida State Seminoles after being arrested for separate incidents of theft. Both will likely miss the Champ Sports Bowl.

In disappointing news, two Florida State Seminoles football players have been suspended from the team due to ongoing legal issues. Linebacker Arrington Jenkins and cornerback Avis Commack were both arrested over this past weekend for separate incidents of theft, and Jimbo Fisher has suspended them both until the cases are resolved.

Jenkins, a redshirt freshman, has been charged with the more serious of the two crimes: vehicular theft. The police traced a stolen motorcycle to his residence, and Jenkins was quoted on record saying, "...anyone who leaves a motorcycle out in the open should expect to have it stolen." He is out of jail on bail, but there is no date set for his hearing.

Meanwhile, Commack was arrested after being charged with stealing a fellow student's iPad. He claims to have found the iPad in a stairwell, and is entering a 'Not Guilty' plea. He is also out of jail, but isn't expected to have his case heard until the beginning of January.

Both students are expected to miss the Champs Sports Bowl.

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