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Conference Realignment: ACC, Orange Bowl Deal Makes FSU Crazy To Leave

While the rumors and talk of the Florida State Seminoles considering a bolt from the ACC to the Big 12, the newly signed deal between the ACC and the Orange Bowl would benefit the Nole staying in the conference. Jason Kirk of SB Nation explains why it would be crazy for the Noles to jump ship after the new deal:

If the Noles were to jump to the Big 12 for a few million more per year they'd no longer be the new system's de facto Orange Bowl favorite every year. (That's a lot of money, but let's wait and see how playoff revenue gets cut up.) Texas and Oklahoma have bigger guns, and the Noles probably wouldn't be able to join the Big 12 without Notre Dame coming along too. The Irish cash spigot could rank FSU fourth in that conference, at least in likelihood of winning the league. This is all assuming the Big 12 even wants to expand.

Kirk explains in detail how the ACC isn't necessarily deserving of the automatic BCS bid the conference holds, given their recent lack of football prowess, but the conference has still gotten a big chunk of the pie.

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