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FSU's Jimbo Fisher: 'This Is Our Time'

It's no secret that Florida State football's return to national prominence has been falsely predicted for several seasons now, but that's not stopping coach Jimbo Fisher from re-announcing the Seminoles' intentions during an ESPN TV interview Monday (quote pull courtesy of SB Nation Florida State blog Tomahawk Nation):

"The opportunities you have in life... don't let 'em slide through your fingers. The people who don't let it slide through their fingers are the people who truly believe that it's their time. I want you to understand something: this is our time. This is our time, right now. ... This train's rollin', boys, and ain't nothin' getting in its way."

Tomahawk Nation frames the recent struggles for FSU to make the jump back from the Bobby Bowden era of Top-5 finishes around key injuries in recent seasons under Fisher, especially at the offensive line. However, to curtail some of the more impatient members of the 'Nole fan base, Bud Elliot also admonishes those who are demanding all-or-nothing after the relative failure of recent seasons. (Read his entire his entire thoughts on the matter here)

The term "no excuses" gets thrown around a lot, often lazily. I'm hearing it a lot from the FSU fanbase, however, about this year. Fans do not want to hear excuses. There aren't enough fans who understand that 43 missed starts on offense due to injury, the most in the entire country, is crippling. They don't realize that winning nine games with that limitation is not an underachievement of two or three games, but of zero or one.

For updates on this game, stay tuned to SB Nation Tampa Bay. For more comprehensive coverage of this matchup, check out Florida State blog Tomahawk Nation. And for more news and notes from around NCAA football, visit SB Nation's college football hub.

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