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Jaguars Mike Mularkey Is Tied To General Manager Gene Smith

New Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey has a three-year contract, the same as general manager Gene Smith. The two will be tied at the hip.

The Jacksonville Jaguars introduced new head coach Mike Mularkey on Wednesday at a press conference. "Gene (Smith) conducted the search for the Jaguars. I can share with you it was thorough, professional, confidential and no drama," Jaguars owner Shahid Khan told the media at the press conference. It didn't take very long for the Jaguars to find their new head coach and it's a coach the franchise is familiar with. Mularkey was in the running for the Jaguars head coaching position back in 2003, when the Jaguars hired recently fired head coach Jack Del Rio. Mularkey's son is also on the Jaguars scouting staff.

"The goal is to win the Super Bowl," Mularkey said when he was asked what his time line was in Jacksonville. "I think that's everybody, that's the ultimate goal. That's the objective here." Over the past eight years, the Jaguars have had issues not only winning, but being a consistent winner. "It's really important that you guys understand I'm here to put a winner on the field. A consistent winner," said the new Jaguars head coach.

Another reason the Jaguars targeted Mike Mularkey is because he has experience developing a "franchise" quarterback. Mularkey was with Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan his rookie season and has helped mold him into one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL. "You have to careful of how much you overload them," Mularkey said about developing young quarterbacks. "Play to their strengths overall. It's got to be very player friendly." Mularkey again reiterated that overloading a young quarterback just hinders them. "At that position it's critical that you don't overload them early on with terminology and too much information."

One of the big things Mularkey will need to do is develop Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert, who struggled in his rookie season as the Jaguars starting quarterback. "Blaine is a competitor. I like that to start. I see some field command from him. I told this to Shad (Khan) and Gene (Smith), first thing I felt the lockout really put him behind the eight-ball," Mularkey said when asked about his thoughts on Gabbert. "When you miss an off season and don't have a chance to be in that meeting room where it's not a rush, rush.. ...that put him behind."

Given the fact that Mularkey's new contract is only for three years, the same for general manager Gene Smith, it's clear their fates will go hand in hand with the development of Gabbert. "It's tied to the hip with Gene (Smith)," Khan told reporters after the press conference. The clear focus going forward for the Jaguars will be putting pieces in place on the leagues worst ranked offense to help Gabbert succeed.

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