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Michael Coe Thinks Jaguars Stole 'All In' Slogan

The Jacksonville Jaguars have utilized "All In" as their season campaign for the 2012 NFL season. Often, teams will have a theme or slogan for the season for marketing purposes. Former Jaguar and current New York Giants safety Michael Coe seems to think the Jaguars ripped off the marketing slogan from the Giants, who used "All In" during their 2011-2012 season.

I hate to break the news to Mr. Coe, but this isn't original to the Giants.

The slogan "All In" is a common marketing slogan used by teams, especially teams looking to his a "refresh" on their franchises. In fact, it's been used by the Tampa Bay Lightning the past eight months. It was also used by the Auburn Tigers during their 2010 football season and the Chicago White Sox in season's past.

So, Coe should really be mad at the Giants for stealing the slogan like it was theirs.

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