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Maurice Jones-Drew Hold Out: A Resolution Won't Come Easy

The lines are clearly drawn in Maurice Jones-Drew hold out. The running back clearly wants a deal done so that he can get a contract comparable to running backs such as Chris Johnson and Adrian Peterson before he exits his prime. As of right now, the Jaguars appear to not want to give the contract just yet.

Ryan Van Bibber of SB Nation says that Jones-Drew's incentive for this holdout is because his current deal, one that he signed in 2009 when he was still splitting time with former Jaguars running back Fred Taylor, wasn't as rich as it could have been.

On the surface, his deal probably looked very good in 2009, a nice bump for a player who had yet to shoulder the load on his own. Nevertheless, it took away his best shot at unrestricted free agency, keeping him tied down in Floridian bliss through the prime years of his career, years when he could have been chasing a very lucrative deal on the open market. Jones-Drew clearly did not negotiate the best deal he could have at the time. It makes the Jaguars' position much more tenable.

Given the current situation of the Jaguars now with second year quarterback Blaine Gabbert, the Jaguars could really use Jones-Drew to take pressure off Gabbert and the recievers, which gives them incentive to get a deal done. Adding to that is that the only backup for Jones-Drew is Rashad Jennings, coming off a knee injury.

If this goes into the regular season, which it has every opportunity to do, it could get really ugly and cause a bitter divorce between the two parties.

For more on the Jags and the developing Maurice Jones-Drew holdout, head over to Jacksonville Jaguars blog Big Cat Country.

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