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Jaguars Offseason: Justin Blackmon Best Used In 'Short To Intermediate' Routes, According To Greg Cosell

With training camp fast approaching for the Jacksonville Jaguars, there are questions about how to most effectively use rookie wide receiver Justin Blackmon. Particularly with a young quarterback in desperate need of a good season, like Blaine Gabbert.

Greg Cosell of ESPN's NFL Matchup show said in an interview with Yahoo! Sports' Doug Farrar that Blackmon can be the most effective on short to intermediate passing routes.

Blackmon is at his best working the short to intermediate areas. Think of how Roddy White is used in Atlanta -- and I'm not saying that Blackmon is Roddy White this season -- but Roddy White doesn't run a lot of vertical routes unless it's a specifically designed shot play. He works a lot of shorter routes in the middle of the field. A lot of crossers and drag-type routes. I could easily see Blackmon doing that, and being very successful.

It goes without saying that both Gabbert needs to have Blackmon be effective at running routes so that he can change people's minds about him. If both he and Blackmon can have effective seasons, the Jaguars could be well on their way back to respectability.

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