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Maurice Jones-Drew Trade: Jaguars Not Likely To Move MJD

With Maurice Jones-Drew publicly stating he is open to a trade, it begs the question if the Jaguars would send arguably its biggest star

Alfie Crow at Big Cat Country gives his thoughts on the matter and states that while Jones would like to be traded, it is highly unlikely that the Jaguars' front office will cater to his demands.

Now Jones-Drew wants a new deal, for leading the league in rushing on one of the worst offenses in the league and because other backs around him, including other players repped by his agent, are getting big time deals. Now that the Jaguars have made it totally clear they will not cave to his demands, he's asking for a trade.

The problem with asking for a trade, is it's not likely going to change the stand of the Jaguars. Owner Shad Khan is a smart business man, and if he was not willing to cave on giving Jones-Drew a new deal, why would he cave and allow Jones-Drew out with a trade? Facilitating the trade over a contract dispute would would be caving all the same as caving with a new contract. Not to mention the fact that Jones-Drew has absolutely no leverage whatsoever.

Crow also notes that the Jaguars offense has looked great with Jones-Drew on the sidelines as he holds out and that backup running back Rashad Jennings looks comfortable with the first-team offense. So while Jones-Drew tries to force his way to a new deal, the Jaguars look dead set on keeping to their plan and forcing Jones-Drew to honor his contract.

For more on Maurice Jones-Drew and the Jacksonville Jaguars, make sure to head over to Big Cat Country.

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