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Jaguars Players Expect Maurice Jones-Drew To Be Fined, According To Report

Around the Jacksonville Jaguars locker room, there's a shared sentiment that the players "want" running back Maurice Jones-Drew to be fined, according to a video on Here's an excerpt from what Pete Prisco had to say:

"As far as the fines, the language in the CBA says ‘up to $30,000 a day.' Now I was in the locker room the other day and I talked to a bunch of the players and they all expect him and they want him to be fined something because there has to be a message from Mike Mularkey. So I think he's going to get fined, I think they'll lower the fine and sometimes these guys go ‘alright I'm going to fine you and wink wink we won't really collect it.' But I do think he has to be fined something by the front office."

With Jones-Drew's holdout sitting at day 31, the Jaguars could fine the seventh-year running back up to $930,000. But at this point, the club is in a bit of a rock and a hard place.

If head coach Mike Mularkey begins billing Jones-Drew, it could make for some more bad blood in an already tumultuous situation. But if Mularkey decides to completely waive the fine, it seems the rest of the players could be quite upset with the Jaguars holding their star to a higher standard.

At least the organization, and the rest of the world, is now aware where most of the other Jaguars stand with the decision looming.

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