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Jacksonville Jaguars WR Laurent Robinson Struggles Due To Coverages

Laurent Robinson hasn't exactly been productive this preseason, but his coaches seem to be happy with him. This is what Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey had to say about the wide receiver's preseason when asked about that lack of production:

"A little bit has been coverage. I know guys will say that's the normal answer but some of it has been coverage. Some of it has been the routes have been taken away. Maybe it's been the pressed one-on-one that we have to do a better job with Laurent. I'll say this, the guy comes out to work and tries to work every day just like he did today. We want the numbers to be greater. Not all balls are called to a guy and they go to them. Sometimes they are in a progression and they don't go to him, but he has done some things positively in games that I can tell you. We showed a fifteen play highlight tape this morning of a game that he was part of the run game and blocking which is as important as catching the ball in our offense. I think the production will go up. I know he will like to see it go up. It will help us control the ball more if we can get it in his hands but again, I think we're okay right now."

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