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Dolphins Coaching Search: Joe Philbin Interviewed

The Miami Dolphins are going hard after Jeff Fisher to be their new head coach, but just in case Jeff Fisher chooses the St. Louis Rams over the Miami Dolphins, the Dolphins brass are making sure they have a back up plan. The Dolphins are reportedly considering Joe Philbin, according to a report by Dave Hyde of the Miami Sun Sentinel.

But if Philbin is an actual candidate, it means the Dolphins are considering being pioneers.

It suggests they like Green Bay's soon to be free-agent quarterback Matt Flynn and might import the coach and system to smooth the way to success.

That's not just smart. It's unique. No team has done anything like that. The question is if Flynn and Philbin are up to the job.

Hyde also seems to suggest that if the Dolphins hire Joe Philbin as their next head coach, it could become a package deal with current Green Bay Packers back up quarterback Matt Flynn.

For more on Joe Philbin and the Miami Dolphins coaching search, visit SB Nation's Dolphins blog The Phinsider.

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